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    Default Now Live Streaming

    ~Daniel C.

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    Eating dinner will return to Live Streaming in a moment.
    ~Daniel C.

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    Back on live streaming.
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    ~Daniel C.

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    Ok the fact due to my connection issue, plus my family has to use the internet I am no longer doing live stream because Charter cable is not stable enough to hold it much longer. So like i said I'm done. I'll still record the rest of the session and put it through youtube. That's is all I can do.

    Is anyone interested in watching my youtube video of run 8 like a live stream? I don't think you'll be interested in watching me driving it.
    ~Daniel C.

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    Alright I'm doing it one last time. This better hold with the lowest setting.
    ~Daniel C.

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    Looks great. Like the heavy use of the outside camera. Keep em coming.
    Interested in all Train-Sims

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    Well my bro got mad at me cause he said I took all the internet and he was raiding on wow. So I have to quit live streaming but! I can upload videos on youtube.
    ~Daniel C.

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