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Thread: Spawn A Train - Need Easy Step By Step

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    Smile Spawn A Train - Need Easy Step By Step

    I know this has been covered before, but could somebody provide a straight-forward step by step to spawning a train?

    Here's what I want to do:

    Place a train in the Barstow yard, so that I can go East to Needles. I want to try the route merge function.

    Example: Can I place the SP Oil Can consist in the Barstow yard? If not, how do I place any train in the Barstow yard?



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    Trains will only spawn where they were saved. I would go into the Needles Sub spawn tab, highlight a train and see where it pops in. If it's not what you want, you can just click on it and select Delete. I have resaved most of my trains with a location in the name, ie, "BNSF H BARPAS BAR NDY1", so that I know where they go.

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    Sure you can simply build a train just the way you want it in the Train Maker. Doc also knows how to explain to place a train on the track under Train maker topic.

    Go into Run 8


    Pick any head end units (you can find under Run8_ES44DC_Units), any cars you desire, from boxcars to Tank Cars. I'm not sure if you need the dpu's on the rear for needles. I haven't bought one yet, others knows what you need.

    Add Units to train, this will place the cars/units you selected. Depending which way you want to go you face your avatar to the direction your heading. Stand on top or on the side and click place train on track.

    Notice this: Sometimes the train won't go where you want it. It's tricky.

    If you fail to make one, let any of us know what train you want and will built it for you.

    In Dams they won't let you make a train and spawn it into their server so you gonna have to do it in SP mode only. I don't know about the others.

    Help it helps.
    ~Daniel C.

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    The other thing is the route merge function isn't going to matter for trains that leave Barstow to Needles. Hinkley to Barstow is an overlap area.

    When you think you have a good handle on some of those trains you can always try my server out if your looking for variety of trains (but without worrying about too much as far as other traffic). Right now I have 4 EB's in Barstow sitting on 1, 2, and 4 along with 1 in the inspection track. A couple others are approaching Barstow on Needles and Mojave Subs. Spawns currently show up on Cajon Sub along with BNSF Bak, and Needles. Hoping to have the yard and others running by the end of the long weekend.



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