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    Whether you are a fan of the ride or picture taking, this is your dream probably, a ride on the Durango and Silverton NG. But, first a little back story. I've lived in Colorado for 10-11 years now about 5 hours NE of Durango and have reffed soccer at Durango every Spring. It is always haunting to hear that whistle. Anyway, have always talked about it but never did. Finally, we decided to go camping just south of Silverton at Molas Lake. We toiled with idea ($85 round trip) and finally the day we left we decided to do it. (Note that many people plan months, even years in advanced for this.) Instead of going out of Durango, we decided to leave out of Rockwood since it would allow us more time, and nothing really spectacular from Durango anyway. So, lets go!

    Just out of Rockwood, we are already on the highline.

    Clearing the Animas River for our first time (train once already), we push on.

    We then arrive at Tank Creek. (Mind the corny sign.)

    Approaching Tall Timber resort. (Where you can zip line all day for $450.)

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    Further up the line.

    The Needles

    Going past the old Needleton water tank.

    Near Elk Park

    Finally Silverton is near.

    Pulling into the yard.

    Part II coming up!

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    After spending two hours in Durango, the train is getting ready to return.

    Here are some beauty shots of the engine, a K-36.

    Going through the narrowest point at Cataract.

    Something scenic for you.

    Cruiser shots.

    The siding at Iforgetwhere.

    Back near the highline.

    The smaller blowdown. (He did a bigger one that I didn't capture going up here.)

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    Here we go on the highline again.

    Finally we arrive back in Rockwood.

    Until next time...

    If you want to see more, yes there is more, including some video that I plan on uploading to YouTube, go here:

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    Thanks for sharing.

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    Beautiful shots

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    $85 is not bad at all for a trip-of-a-lifetime. Love the pictures. This route is on my bucket list.

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    I live within 7 hours of several tourist lines, such as the Heber Valley Railroad, the D&S, and the C&TS. If I can handle the drive, I'd gladly pay to ride through untamed Colorado wilderness in a time which could be decades ago.

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