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    After downloading and installing Run8 to my hard drive I am unable to run the program because there is no
    "Run-8 Train Simulator.exe" file anywhere to run the program. Can someone please send the exe file to run the game? Thank you

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    Do you have Needles but not Mojave? You need Mojave because it's the base part of the sim.

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    I have Needles, would I have to get Mojave, on disability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chefmike07 View Post
    I have Needles, would I have to get Mojave, on disability.
    Yes, you need Mojave because that is the core of the sim.

    And do you really expect someone to just send you the .EXE file for a pay-ware product?!!
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    Well, in fairness to the poster here, the Run8 website could probably be clearer in explaining that Needles is only for those who already have the "Default Run8 Platform" which only comes with the Mojave Sub. Needles is NOT a stand-alone only works if you have the default platform that comes only with the Mojave Sub.

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    I was going to say that but I didn't want to get into any trouble so I'm glad you said it first I think many of us have been spoiled by the fact we've come a long way since before Needles. Though it does say it on the website in a few places in plain site the links at the side I believe says Buy Mojave Sub, or Buy Needles Sub etc.

    Perhaps if it said something like Buy Run8 Train Simulator 2012/2013 including Needles Sub might be clearer. I know first hand not everyone reads everything



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