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Thread: Modeler and/or Skinner needed

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    Default Modeler and/or Skinner needed

    I am working on a route (Brooklyn Subdivision to be specific) But I do need a lot of models! If anyone would be willing here are some of the rail vehicles I need:

    Gp38-2 with Portland and Western Skin (+ a few other skins)
    Slug with Portland and Western Skin (Like this one )
    Amtrak Cascades + cars
    Amtrak Coast Starlight + cars

    Center-beams - In Blue, Yellow, Red, and Green
    Boxcars (Many kinds)
    Extended Height Boxcars
    Log Cars (2 versions)
    Crane Car (Like this but a different paint scheme and a standard hook instead of an electromagnet)
    Flatcar with 4 bins
    Wood-chip car (2 versions; 2 or 3 skins)
    (Maybe more coming)
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