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    I have not used Run 8 for a while and seem to have forgotten how to soft set the brakes. My initial (first) brake application gives me a 15lb reduction. How do I get a 6 or 7lb reduction please? I have applied all updates btw.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Are you using raildriver? Run 8 is hard-coded to give 6 psi initial reduction, either using the keyboard command or when moving the auto brake lever on raildriver into the application zone. If you are getting 15 psi, you need to re-calibrate raildriver...or perhaps you are moving the lever too deep into the application zone?

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    Recheck your brake gauges. The minimum brake reduction is indeed 6 lbs. / sq. in. For a fully charged brake system (ie BP=90 lbs./ the ER and BP gauges should settle at 84 lbs./ (90 - 6) after the 6 lb./sq./in. reduction and this results in the BC pressure being 15 lbs./ sq. in.


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    Thanks to you both. I will check again when I am back home in a couple of days.


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