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    Exclamation Route Length

    hello every one

    i am making a route please tell that
    how we identify our route length, i mean how we check our route length.

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    Ia ora na.
    Two ways among others:
    1) in the file library :
    MSTSMiles.exe v1.2. This utility can be used to determine how many miles of actual track are laid in a route and which track pieces have been used and how many times. This version fixes a bug in EnumTsection.exe. By Martyn T. Griffin.
    2) place a platform at the end of your route; create an activity starting from the other one and select your platform; when you play this activity, MSTS will display the route length in [F10] Next Station window.
    Good luck.

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    If you have Mosaic, Route Stats are available under the Utilities menu:
    Path: E:\MSTS\Routes\Packerland
    Track Length:: 711019.93 meters
    Road Length:: 208000.44 meters
    Standard Terrain Tiles:: 6668
    Distant Mountain Tiles:: 0
    Textures referenced:: 19

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    Quote Originally Posted by eolesen View Post
    If you have Mosaic, Route Stats are available under the Utilities menu:
    Eric : We have to be careful about Route length, and overall track database size . A ( now earlier ) version of my fictional project , does have 0.66 million meters of track, although , from a mainline run activity perspective , the "route length", would only be 80 miles .

    Another possible method, although it is not "automated", and I actually never got around to try it, would be as follows .

    Assuming a Route already had all the signals installed, one would start an activity at the very extreme end of a Route , and immediately press F4, to launch and display the Track Monitor .

    At the very-very bottom of the track monitor, you should have a display , in tenths of miles, of the distance between where your locomotive is currently located, and the first signal .

    And so-on-and-so-forth, one signal after the other , although this would get labor intensive and create lots of paperwork .

    Nevertheless, I did learn ( a bit too late , for me, though... ), that such a method would make it easy to determine where interactive mileposts should be added to a Route , while running InGame , to determine the locations of where mileposts should go , based on the ( F4 ) track monitor "readings" .

    Obviously, best to use such as a track patrol, or HiRail vehicle, for this purpose.

    Jean Brisson

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