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Thread: MSTS Will not work on my computer

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    Default MSTS Will not work on my computer

    Hi, so i recently installed MSTS on my windows 8 computer and installed the 1.4 update and MSTS still refuses to work. When i open it i get a black screen for a few seconds before the Directx Diagnostic Tool pops up and causes MSTS to freeze and stop working. Anyone have any suggestions on what i should do?

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    That's a new one on me - I've not seen that before!!
    First of all - what graphics card if fitted to your PC? If it's an AMD, then MSTS won't work with it under Win 8.
    Second, if you have an Nvidia card, where is MSTS installed? Under Windows 8, it shouldn't be in C:\Program Files or C:|Program Files (x86) without correctly setting the permissions - see the Steam4me site, Installing MSTS under Windows 7 (also applies to Vista & 8) :


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