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Thread: speaker/subwoofer not working

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    Default speaker/subwoofer not working

    I've my raildriver working nearly good with TS2014. (except for some electric locos withe combined throttle/brake).
    The issue I encounter is that the internal speaker/subwoofer doen't works....
    I've connected the raildriver just as explained in manual and support, but the raildriver stays seen in windows just as an input device, and never as a sound device.
    Same issue if connected USB + audio jack 3.5 our only USB or only jack 3,5.
    My machine is a laptop running W7 64bits

    I wonder if the issue is due to a software consideration or to a faulty Raildriver ?
    Does someones encounterd such issue with subwoofer and how to fix ?

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    Found the solution. It was not a software issue, but a small hardware issue : the power plug seems to be a little bit too loose. I've tried to push it more fat in the box and that is better. Mean time, I've checked to amplitude setting knob at rear. The manual recommends to place it at mid way, but that is not enough. It has to be set at least at 3/4 of the course. And the max is not full clockwise, but full anticlockwise!
    Hope that will help if someone encounters same trick...

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