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Thread: [BVE 2/4] Issue with nVidia GeForce video card

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    Default [BVE 2/4] Issue with nVidia GeForce video card


    I have a big trouble.

    I tested BVE 2/4 with a nVidia GeForce GTX 480 on my PC with Windows XP SP3, testing all drivers available (about 30 versions Shocked), but this happens (instead with GeForce 7900 GTX, BVE worked with driver not later than 266.58 version, but that is not a trouble):

    BVE 2 (Uchibo Line):

    BVE 4: (Uchibo Line):

    With all other routes is the same.

    If I enable or disable anisitropic and/or antialiasing filters there is not changes.

    DirectX is updated at latest version available for XP.

    If I disable Direct3D Hardware Acceleration BVE 2 works and BVE 4 does not work transparents of the cabin, but I wish that it also works with Direct3D Hardware Acceleration.

    I already use OpenBVE, but it does not work well with some routes for BVE 2/4, instead they evidently work with BVE 2/4 (with GeForce 7900 GTX), and for others reasons...

    So I have to use BVE 2/4 too, besides OpenBVE.

    How can I solve the trouble (except to switch to OpenBVE)?

    If it can not be solved, than it is OK to buy an older video card than GeForce GTX 480, for example a GeForce 200 series, but I do not know which is the latest GeForce that works with BVE 2/4.

    Does anyone use GeForce 200 series or newer to run BVE 2/4?

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    I have solved the trouble.

    • GeForce GTX 280: it works until 266.58 driver (perhaps also GeForce GTX 285, but I have not tested it)

    • GeForce GTX 480: it does not work with any drivers

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