At this point I've done enough programming to get this fully functional enough to share again. The last beta I released was prior to Needles release. Everything was reworked for multiple routes in this version and has been tested for some time on my server.
The two week delay will allow me to document all the features as follows.

Random waybill generation, with tags, and loads inserted into spawning inbound trains from all off territory mainline connections. Trains are configured for BNSF or UP with appropriate rare units appearing. Engines currently supported for these spawns are original units (I've kept SD's reserved for local operations). The trains add appropriate DPU automatically to meet minimum HPT requirements that are user defined.

Random tag generation lists for those cars that require tagging at industries or empty yard storage etc. based on user defined waybills.

Virtual Hump and Interchange system that brings in additional storage of cars not seen on the actual route

Waybills, trains with HPT requirements, hump tracks are all user editable files. The car types are currently hard coded and will be programmed as user defined on a future release.

The program is not what I would call user friendly, but I plan on documenting this thoroughly. My main purpose was to get this working for my server and it does just fine. There are also some limits and lack of error trapping. All of this will be included in the documentation.

The release date is set two weeks from tonight, Sunday March 3rd. If my documentation is not complete at this point I will release more information to satisfy any issues. The program will include a complete data set that I use for RTS. Guide to adjust and take advantage of new routes.

As mentioned this program is hard coded for car types. I will release another update once I've programmed something to replace this. However the RTS software is capable of running on ANY route with proper setup (even those not released). I will explain in a tutorial how to create spawn blocks, what tracks work bets, and the limits of the RTS software.

For more information check my website out. Again the release will show up there in 2 weeks time.