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Thread: Indian Add-ons

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    Post Indian Add-ons

    Hi every I'm Arjun m new to this train recently i hav downloaded the railworks 2 Pc game m keen to use my indian locos in this game any Reskinners, Modelers, anybody can u guide me to get the indian addons for the railworks2?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated

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    Search the RAILWORKS section of the file library!
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    Arjun, I have the impression (from afar) that most of the Indian content that is available on this site is for Microsoft Train Simulator or the free OpenRails simulator ( that is in development.

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    Thanks i give it a try

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    tnx for the heads up

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    Can anyone make some tutorial on making high quality models and exporting to railworks?

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    You need to learn Blender first.
    Then only you can make something like this -

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    Hello Arjun, you can use Bharat stream, AK train add-ons

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