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Thread: RailDriver with TS2014

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    Default RailDriver with TS2014

    Hope someone can help.
    Have been using TS 2014 and previously 2013 through Steam.

    Recently bought a RailDriver controller and are having problems with the throttle and sometimes the brake levers in TS2014

    Once you accelerate or de-accelerate it keeps jumping from whatever % your have set to 0% or -100% activating the brake then if you carry on pushing the lever it will right itself but its very frustrating,everything else works fine.
    I have followed RD's instructions and used the combined script still no joy.
    I am using a iMac with windows 7 on bootcamp.
    The controller works fine with Trainz12.
    I know its not fully supported but i was wondering if others had similar problems.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The same happens to me on some trains friend, unfortunately the support railworks is too weak for the RailDriver.

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    I hope someone can respond to this. I'm having the same problem. Going along, just fine. Then, out of nowhere, the throttle just drops to 0%, and I have to run it up and down a few times before it will do anything but 0% or 100%. I've been searching the forums, but haven't found a solution to this problem yet.

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    I just bought the Raildriver, and am using TS2015.
    I'm getting this same problem.
    Like TS is off running some routine and ignoring the controller positions, then finally looks and freaks out.

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