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Thread: Long Island Railroad Route??

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    Question Long Island Railroad Route??

    Hi everyone, I'll try to keep this simple as it's my first post.. I just wanted to know if someone could tell me where I could find the Long Island Railroad route as I'm a huge New Jersey Transit fan ( I do the Atlantic City - Philadelphia runs on the PRR ER a lot) and I've come across this route many times on youtube, but I can't seem to find it... I went through MANY google pages, until they were completely unrelated, and still found nothing... Is this route even around anymore? Or did I miss out as usual? Thanks for any help


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    There was a LIRR route on a site that had a lot of pirated stuff on it (including items in said route)and is no longer available.
    But dis pare not! For Vince is working on an LIRR route that looks quite promising.

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    Yep! Still working on it.

    Presently installing high detail scenery along the Long Beach branch.

    Pictures at the link in my sig.
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    Thanks for the quick response guys! It's a shame that that route was built with pirated items (same for the Comet V Cab Car), as it appeared to look pretty good. However, I know yours will be awesome Vince as I still use the NEC V4 alongside the PRR East Region (depending on where I'm looking to start / end). I use both a lot as I've come to find each has it's unique spurs (for example yours has the DC Metro line, the PRR ER has the NJT Atlantic City Line)... Two of my favorite rail lines! Ill definitely follow the route progress and I can't wait to see the finished product! Thanks for the help!


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    The pictures from Vince's route look truly excellent. I am very much looking forward to it, although I know that this level of quality will take a long time, maybe a long long time until completion.

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