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Thread: What is the significance of the $ symbol in the name of an engine file?

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    Many thanks for the replies and explanations.
    I looked more closely at some $ files that I found - they were saved as .wag files, and do not include the Engine ( ) section. I was not aware that Route Riter could create these.
    Sid P.

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    Hi Peter,
    If I understand you comments -
    I edit, or completely add a name section, if needed, in all of my .eng (.wag files too) files so there is complete clarity when needing to assign locos using the AE or Conbuilder.

    Name ( "#IR SD40-2 3101 AI" ) - for AI trailing engine. These are always at the top of the list of all engines.
    Name ( "$IR SD40-2 3101 Static" ) - for dead engines. These are found in my passenger section in the AE & Conbuilder, on my set-up.
    Name ( "IR SD40-2 3101" ) - for player or AI lead. These would show in alphabetical order, after the # engines in the RE & Conbuilder.

    Keeps it very logical for me.

    Pardon me if completely missed your point.
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    Hello Neil,I use only driveable and AI locos.All my trains are driveable because they have a "real" loco leading.All other locos in an activity are AI.It does not affect frame rates.For example in most places on routes such as Scenic sub,Seligman sub I get 60 fps,reducing to 30ish when trains pass.I find the practice of turning engines into wagons annoying to say the least.It takes time to replace them in UK commercial routes.A right PITA.

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