Hello everbody,

I'm quite new to ZDSimulator but let's say I'm a train sim veteran. I see this simulator has a lot of potential. I love the complexity of the modelling and I want to discover the whole thing.

But - sorry for repeating this - we desperately need a proper (english) manual. I've got the diesel locos running and experience-wise I have a rough idea of handling the trains and the railwork system. But for me it's literaly impossible to tap the full potential of the simulation. I don't know the meaning of the russian signals, the handling of the detailed locos and their systems and so on and so on.

Further I don't know how to create new scenarios. If I've got that right till now there's only a russian scenario editor.

Please get me right: I want to dig into this game and I want to support it. This is no negative statement.

So is there any roadmap for writing a detailled english manual?

Thanks in advance!