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Thread: Full Screen Route Editor Window

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    Default Full Screen Route Editor Window

    Don't know if anyone else has experienced this. I open RE as 1024 x 768 Window.

    But if I minimize and then maximize the RE window, it now fills my 1440 x 900 monitor.

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    It doesn't work for me. What video card are you running and does it only do it for you if the registry is changed to 1024x768? I have an ATI card and whenever I hack the registry to set it to be any larger than oem-size, it works but if I minimize it and then maximize it it loses the settings I put in the registry and I'm back to the small size. Shouldn't matter what card is running the program so it's weird that our systems do the exact opposite. I've got the route editor running like a dream on XP with an SSD C: drive and the discipline to save and re-open periodically. It seems that if someone would just make a working hack to make the RE work fullscreen and reset the zoom so making the editor window larger doesn't make everything blurry then the whole msts-compatible world could be opened back up for Open Rails' future.

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    That often happens to me when switching between the RE, Mosaic, and Photoshop...all of a sudden, wham! Full screen. But it's so distorted, I step it down again to a more readable size.

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    The explanation is simple . I did take the following screenshot a couple days ago, but had decided not to post it , then , in reference to the same topic / questions, being currently addressed ( and, also, a friend of mine inquiring about resizing his Route Editor screen size ) .

    Now, I had never-ever truly noticed the above , until I did specifically look at possibilities .

    And / or, "by default" , the minimize / maximize , RE screen window functionatility , is basically "greyed-out" and dysfunctional . There has to be some good reasons for it, from the part of the SIM developers, and therefore, this is "hard-coded" into the SIM.

    As much as I use Route Editor close to 60 hours a week, not a chance I can afford to "roll the dice", in attempting to get a large RE screen size .

    And quite super-thankful that Ottodad did make available his "" chiropractor tool, to "repair" registries for such as Route Editor, and safely bring it back to default settings .

    To sum it up , this minimize / maximize functionality is "dysfunctional-by-design" .

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