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Thread: After update to 5.0 no activation code

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    Default After update to 5.0 no activation code


    I have updated today to version 5.0., but when I start the program it have no activation code, and also I wrote two mails to the support but till now no answer received.

    My old ZDsimulation was working perfect, but now

    Also I don't have my old key (reason my mail server crashed last year and most of my mails are gone)

    Can some one from ZDsupport help me with this issue?

    Now after 3 mails to ZDsimulator support still no answer, slowly I give up this. and don't say to me that they support is fast or they have vacation.
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    I hope the developers can respond to you soon. Please remember that ZDSimulator's developers are in Ukraine; given what's going on in that part of the world right now, they may have unavoidable issues and urgent concerns beyond the sim right now.

    Patience, and my best wishes for their well-being and that of their families in uncertain times.


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    sib2217 -at- ([email protected])

    Try above e-mail.

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