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Thread: CNW Harvard Progress - 2014

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    Default CNW Harvard Progress - 2014

    With both the Packers and the Bears out of the playoffs, the track crews decided it was time to get back to work before the NBA finals come up....

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    A few more from the weekend.... I'm sure at least one person here can guess the locations?...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metra322 View Post
    Bottom pic looks like MX.
    That would be a very good guess.

    Madison is the official end of the line for the Harvard, at least in 2014...

    CNW's depot is still standing at the corner of Blair and Williamson, having long been purchased by Madison Gas & Electric for their general offices, and added onto considerably after the coach yard and freight yard tracks were removed in the 1970's. For now, it's just a placeholder until I can get the rest of the track completed down to Oregon and Evansville.

    The biggest challenge will be backdating the lakefront. I'm not finding a lot of photos before the Monona Terrace was built in the 1990's.
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    Quick midweek update.... The Madison extension involves ~40 miles of track, and will be converging on Evansville within the next two weeks.

    From Janesville, track is in place from MP90.5 to MP105 (just short of Landmark Co-Op). This leaves about 1 mile to Evansville Jct (MP106.5 on the Harvard), and will also represent the present-day UP Harvard Sub.

    From Madison, track is in place along the Madison Sub from MP139 (near Ingersoll Ave) south to MP 134 (Evansville Jct is MP115.5 on the Madison Sub).

    That track still exists today, but is leased by WSOR south of Madison to McCoy Road (near MP134). From there, the towns of Oregon & Fitchburg own all the track between MP119 and MP134. Due to a new concrete plant being built, they're in the process of re-opening the line to traffic as far as MP124. Between Oregon and Evansville, the line is out of service.

    For those subscribed to the updates on Dropbox, I'll be pushing those once all the track is complete.
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    Thanks very much for your perseverance! I am really looking forward to this extension to my home town for the past 45 years! I'll try to find some older photos.


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    Landmark Co-Op in Evansville is itself a landmark...

    Seems that these F-Units and Alcos just negated whatever benefit there was from both tanks of ethanol...

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    Thanks to the blow-out at the Meadowlands tonight, I was able to get a lot more work done than expected... Right now, the gap is between Oregon and Brooklyn, a distance of just 7 miles.

    Here's the scope of the extension to Madison for those who aren't familiar with southern Wisconsin...

    Mileposts on these two subdivisions are measured from Chicago, with an adjustment at Evansville Jct. Historically, there were two routes between Harvard and Evansville. The leg via Chemung, Beloit, and Afton was removed in the early 1960's.

    This section of track also forced me to do something I hadn't explored before... At both Janesville and Evansville, I needed some DIV switches which didn't exist in the Scalerail library.

    I searched long and hard for a tutorial on that, but the only examples I could find were where people had created new definitions in the TSection, or had created defined paths to "take the other exit"...

    I didn't want to mess around with creating new pieces, especially for Scalerail, nor did I want to have to create a bunch of extended paths.

    After doing some potentially destructive testing, I discovered that all I needed to do was swap the order of the two TrPin entries listed for the respective TrJunctionNode in order to change the default path to diverging.....

    		TrackNode ( 2111
    			TrJunctionNode ( 0 20916 1 )
    			UiD ( -11609 14471 90 0 -11609 14471 -354.115 271.955 -991.514 0.00520416 2.59984 0.000576374 )
    			TrPins ( 1 2
    				TrPin ( 2122 0 )  <------]  Trailing point direction
    				TrPin ( 2123 1 )  <------]  Default facing point direction
    				TrPin ( 2127 1 )  <------]  Secondary facing point direction
    The only downsides to the manual TDB update I've been able to identify are that the switchstand animation may get confused, and should an automated rebuild be needed, I'll have to manually re-adjust the two or three exceptions. As long as the turnouts' coordinates are documented, it's easy enough to re-do.
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    Since your doing all seperate terrtex files, let me know when your ready for snow tiles. Mike made me that snow terrtex program.
    It will let you choose your snow terrtex file.



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    Quote Originally Posted by eolesen View Post
    Landmark Co-Op in Evansville is itself a landmark...

    Seems that these F-Units and Alcos just negated whatever benefit there was from both tanks of ethanol...

    Where did you get you F units from??? I have not had any luck finding any decent looking CNW F units freeware wise. (Personal opinion, lets not start a senseless flame war regarding someone's bruised ego on "WHATS WRONG WITH MY MODEL??!!!) I plan in the next few months buying the BLW CNW engine set. Ditto for decent CNW passenger cars for either the "400" or just regular CNW cars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MSTS lifer View Post
    Where did you get you F units from???
    The F's and bi-levels I post are all from the BLW CNW set. I'd love to see a good set of payware CNW single level passenger cars, but there are a good set already in the file library done by Kelly Elison on Dennis Owens' model. Search on "Dennis Owens Railway Classics"

    Quote Originally Posted by metrarailboy1 View Post
    How does one obtain a copy of the CNW Northwest Line route? I would be will to pay if that's the cost.
    It will cost you $1,000,000 retail, but if you're willing to actually test and provide feedback, just PM me with your email.

    Otherwise, it's an honor donation system. Help save a bi-level, get the route... Make a donation to the indoor storage fund at and send me your email...

    The reason my route betas remain controlled is because development is still underway (for example, a half-dozen new buildings showed up overnight in Madison, along with some extra track at Janesville).

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