Name of Route:
Goose Island

Version and Release Date:
Alpha, most recent update was March 14, 2014

The Kingston Branch, Deering Branch, and small portions of the C&E and Bloomindale branches of the Milwaukee Road's Chicago Terminal Division, centered at the Division St Yard on on Goose Island.

Installation Method:
7z archive.

Size of Download:
Several, all between 50 and 100mb.

Size of Installed Route:

Prototypical or Freelance Operations; Mainline, Branch, Switching:
Prototype Switching.

Freight or Passenger:
Freight for player, mixed AI.

Era or Genre:
ca. 1950

Downtown Chicago

Length of Mainline:

Length of Branches:
each ~ 2-3 miles

Number of Branches:

Number of Sidings:
Less than 5

Number of Yards:

Mixture of Dual and Single Track:

Level of Trackside Detail:
Highly detailed structures all of which are custom built for the route.

Percentage of Scenery Completed: %

FPS Specs, with qualifiers:
20-60 depending on camera angle & number of buildings & cars in visible static consists using an Intel i940 quad core CPU.

Activities Provided:
None so far

Non-Default Consists or Rolling Stock Required in Activities:

Add-In Track Sets:
Scalerail plus a few unreleased SR shapes.

Xtracks Required?, Version:

Newroads Required?, Version:

Tsection.dat Build:
Post Jan, 1, 2013

Payware or Freeware: Free. Custom objects restricted use.

URL for More Information and Screenshots:

Known Problems:
None, but still under construction

Where it can be downloaded:; download limits are lifted as post counts increase or by annual donation.

Extra information:
Open Rails only.

Designer's e-mail for more info:
PM at this forum to muskokaandtahoe
PM at Elvastower to Genma Saotome