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Thread: DB tracks and BNSF Scenic Subdivision 2.0

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    Default Problems editing some world files due to not being a unicode file after decompression

    Hello all, I decided to undertake a project where I would add DB tracks to the payware BNSF Scenic Subdivision and while using route riter, I am running into the problem where I can not edit the world tiles because they do not have unicode or whatever? Anyone else have this issue? I have backed up the route many times and it seems like it is missing the file that allows you to edit the unicode text using Route Riter.
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    Sounds like the W files aren't actually uncompressed. Could be a couple different reasons for that, including lack of file permissions, but editing Unicode normally requires no more effort than opening up your text editor.

    Are you getting errors on being unable to find ffeditc_unicode.exe?? That's a command line utility for uncompressing, and is found in the Utils folder of your MSTS installation.

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