Hello to all and I apoligize if this question has been asked before.

Just this past Saturday I purchased Railworks Train Simulator 2014 with the bonus challenger. I purchased the sim from FSPilotshop. I downloaded the sim and saved it. The sim came in a .zip package. After I extracted the contents I immediately hit the "Setup.com" button. I immediately noticed a pop-up stating "Language not configured".

How do I configure the language? There is no other option to install, if there is it's beyond my capabilities.

Additionally, I saw the Steam executable file in which I would end up with a Steam account.

Do I install Steam and then try to install RW through Steam? If I do that, is it self-explanatory or can someone be kind enough to offer some tips.

Thanks for any assistance someone may be able to offer and I apoligize again for the possibility of reasking the question.