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Thread: Bombardier Generation 1 cab

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    Unhappy Bombardier Generation 1 cab

    Does anyone else have trouble with the Bombardier Bi-level cabview for generation 1 cabcars? On my MSTS, the combined power handle is inanimate, and the notch display starts on 3 for some reason. I took the front .ace files from Common.Cab and put them in the model and now it doesn't even load!! Why??!!

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    The ENG file references that acefile you removed from the cabview in the location you removed it from. It's not there any more so the locomotive crashes. If you want to use a different cab or modify the one you are using, YOU MUST EDIT the ENG file cabview line to reflect those changes!. It might also help if you at least gave the filename for the Cab Cars and/ or the cabview (if seperate) so we know exactly what units you are talking about....we can't read minds!
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    Ok, the file is "" and the cabcars were uploaded by Josh Clark. I tried changing the .eng file, and also edited the cabview, but it stil doesn't work, the throttle is inanimate.

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    I don't have any problem with the cabview.

    Does you engine file have a Combined_Control( 0 1 0.5 0.5 throttle dynamic ) line?

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