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Thread: Missing KUID files

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    Default Missing KUID files

    Hi. I'm new to Trainz, have 5 years on MSTS. I have Trainz 12 Build 48249. All updates have been downloaded for the build I have.

    I downloaded the 62 bulkhead flats cars from RRMod. The Content Manager says there are 2 unknown dependencies, RZD metal rulon, kuid:215355:1142822, & RZD bloki, kuid:215355:1142823.

    I have no luck tracking down these 2 files... I have looked at many of the Trainz forums and one said any KUID that starts with the number 2, are obsolete and won't work for Trainz 12. I can't load these cars without the 2 loads. Or at least I can't see the car in the "Railyard" or load them when making a train.

    My engines and cars that had unknown KUID's showed up and I was able to run them after adding the unknown dependencies.

    So am I out of luck on the flat cars because I have Trainz 12, or can this problem be fixed??? Thinking about it now, I don't think it said anything that the cars would run in Trainz 12 so that could be the whole problem. But then I thought, If the file for these cars has something similar to a WAG file for MSTS, can I go in and remove all references to the two KUID's and get the cars to run??


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    Guys I think I got this solved. I was finally able to get the Russian website that has what I need to load up. Past attempts earlier today kept coming back saying the web page could not be displayed.

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