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Thread: Train Sim Modeler

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    Default Train Sim Modeler

    Hi All,
    I'm very pleased to announce that Louis Sinclair has succombed to my pestering and made Train Sim Modeler available again, only this time as freeware It's the same as the final version which was available from Abacus (v1.1) and installs without problem on XP, Win 7 and Win 8 / 8.1, both 32- and 64-bit. The default installation folder is C:\TrainSim Modeler, but may be changed to any other location you wish, but I don't recommend the Program Files / Program Files (x86) duo!! May I ask that you read the various screens which display while installing, because Louis hasn't been able to remove all the Abacus references. Also, if Help > About is selected, it shows as a Demonstration version - it isn't!!

    This completes my self-imposed trilogy of tasks to get the ex-Abacus MSTS tutorials back "on the market". I'd like to thank the respective authors, on behalf of the MSTS Community, for their help in making their very valuable documents available again :

    Michael Vone for "Step-by-Step Guide to Building Routes for Microsoft Train Simulator" - available from ( and UKTS (File ID 31574)
    Rich Garber for "Step by Step Guide to Train Sim Activities" - available on his website : for $10
    and, of course, Louis for "Train Sim Modeler" - available on his website :


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    I've sticky this so everyone can see it.
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    Ged, excellent work. This will benefit everyone until we see new formats coming out for OpenRails

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    Wonderful, thanks!

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    Wow! Thank you for making this available again!
    "Long live the FECR!"

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    Now to see if KLW's BL36PH cn be completed
    "Long live the FECR!"

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    Follow Up : Ged, I really have to say thanks for making TSM available once again, to the community . I did successfully download and install TSM , from the link that was provided , and the installation ( on a Windows XP computer ) went flawlessly . While it still too early for me to tell if I can Save , and / or , Export , any new work, I feel extremely confident this will materialize .

    With TSM, this will allow me to do some modelbuilding where animation is required , and most likely step up to the plate, as far as building rolling stock and locomotives .

    Once again, super-delighted by the results of those lobbying efforts , and the courtesy of I believe Louis Sinclair ( if I have this right ), for making this available once again.

    Jean Brisson

    Jean Brisson

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    Also from me, a great Thank You

    Cheers, Markus

    Trains. Trains? Trains! =)
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    Not sure if Louis Sinclair will see it, but many thanks to him for making TSM freeware! It's been my go-to modeling software for several years, and now that it's freeware I might be able to get the remainder of the cadets in my into modeling.
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    Very generous of both Louis and Ged, if Louis reads this, nice music, going to get the CD. Wife is an astronomy enthusiast, sounds like perfect music to listen to while she's gazing.
    Cheers, Gerry
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