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Thread: Can't edit assets in explorer

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    Default Can't edit assets in explorer

    I'm new to Trainz. I have Trainz 12 and the current build is 48249. I have not been able to update the build past 48249. Further updates say it's incompatible with Windows 7.

    Any how my problem. When I try to edit any asset in explorer, it will not come up in wordpad. Instead I get whatever it was I had open last in Explorer. (IE Documents.) I read some post here and on other forums and all said to run Trainz as administrator. Well, I did that and still can't get assets to open in wordpad.

    My friend also has Trainz 12 and has no issues and he said from what he has read online, I have a possible script error not associated with the program, but with my computer.

    Any further ideas as to why it won't open correctly???


    EDIT: Some further details. The game is of course in the good O'l programs(x86) folder.... With MSTS not running properly when installed here, I'm wondering if it's the same case with Trainz???
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    Bit quiet in here.......
    Correct, it does not like Program Files. If you install it as administrator, that's right click run this program, the installer, as administrator it should work ok, or better don't put it anywhere near a Microsoft folder.
    If it's already installed, change all the executable files to run as Administrator in Properties > Compatibility > Tick Run as Administrator.

    Or there is a handy program by Shane Turner, that will sort out the Trainz permissions problem for you Site is worth a look as it has a lot of info advice and utilities for Trainz.

    Also has direct links to N3V's servers for the patches, again run any patches as administrator right click etc and let them finish, some can take hours!

    If you get Stuck Shane who is pretty good at solving Trainz related problems has a forum linked from his site or can be found on the N3V forums.

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