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Thread: What US routes are underway

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    Not much scenery near the Vermont/New York border at the moment.

    VRS Clarendon & Pittsford Whitehall Subdivision.

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    Thanks Jerry. As long as ORTS/TSRE will display models for MSTS1, I see no reason to give up Sketchup8 and the 2002 plugin by Decapod, nor give up on XP. The handful of websites where XP doesn't work with it's final Firefox don't need my traffic anyway.

    Thanks Scott. Yeah, it kinda got away from Joe and myself. The major 3 of us involved with this all suffer from Horizon Fever.
    Add to that, in this region, there was a backside to the Hills/Mountains because someone else's Railroad ran over there in that valley.

    I realized early the right of way was going to be important, as well as period correct line-side industries, railroad structures, and visually correct bridges. Seems more of the bridges were skewed than square, and more were a combination of bridge assemblies than a single bridge style to span the gap. I did stop at making culverts of whichever style smaller than 2 foot x 2 foot, unless it was a multiple.

    I don't remember if it was just before, or during the E3 convention where Microsoft was passing out a demo copy of their joint effort with Kuju for that MSTS 2, it came out that product was not compatible with MSTS1. The ACES Studio MSTS2 was definitely not going to be compatible, as that one was using the FSX environment.

    Doug Relyea
    Making stuff that works, using outdated Software on outdated Hardware.

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