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Thread: What US routes are underway

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    Probably posted about these before, and I am sure most aren't interested.

    Vermont Rail System, Hoosick Jct, NY to Burlington, VT as well as Bellows Falls, VT to Whitehall, NY, both via Rutland. Basically four subdivisions in one. 2017-2021 era. Thought about adding the Lyndonville Sub, M&B Sub, and the NYOG line as well, but just, not excited on adding those lines..

    Maine Central Mountain Division and Quebec Division from Portland, ME to St. Johnsbury, VT as well as Quebec Jct, NH to Stewartstown, NH. Recently have started fresh thanks to the other Sean Kelly.
    This would be dated in the 1975-1981 era.

    Others I have thought about, and eventually plan..

    Springfield Terminal District 3, from East Deerfield, MA to Rotterdam Jct, NY (originally District 4). This would be a 2018-2021 era line, with heavy traffic from NS(11R/16R, 22K/23K, 28N/29W, BNSF (Grain Trains), CSXT (Connection trains from ED to RJ), A ton of local jobs, etc.

    CMQ Searsport Branch from Brownville Jct, ME to Searsport, ME.
    This could be dated either in the BAR era, MMA era, CMQ era, or CP era. Really a dealers choice, as much hasn't change, just who runs it.

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    I encourage anyone to get on with creating new routes. No matter what area of the world
    they are in, somebody(s) will be interested in grabbing them. My personal preference is
    U.S. routes that actually exist, or did exist. Others like fictional routes. Either variety will
    interest some.

    J. H. Sullivan

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    Quote Originally Posted by CSRX View Post
    Probably posted about these before, and I am sure most aren't interested.
    You got at least one interested person here!

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    Shawn those sound interesting, at least to me being a Northern New Englander. I have sometimes thought of the MEC Calais Branch especially backdating it to when the branch to Eastport still existed. The recent post on the NBSR repaint got me thinking about that rail line, St. John NB to McAdam including the Woodland Pulp Mill trackage as a start, maybe adding the EMRY portion across Maine with the potential to backdate to the CPR days when the Atlantic Limited still polished the rails between Montreal and St. John. Back in 1981 my wife and I rode that line both ways on VIA rail's Atlantic. As it turns out, yesterday I happened to be in Danforth ME crossing a set of tracks which later when I looked up in my trusty DeLorme atlas I realized was the very same former CPR now EMRY line.

    As a start I plan to get DEM data for that whole North / Eastern Maine area, once I figure out how one does that these days, since it had been a decade or so since I last attempted.


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