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Thread: What US routes are underway

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    27. Buffalo
    26. Tristate
    28. Siskiyou
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    25. Meridian Speedway: KCS/NS Meridian, MS to Shreveport, LA; Mainline complete, 50% sidetracks comlete, 25% scenery complete (Meridian to Jackson portion found in file library)

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    Jct of the NS Southern Tier an, New York.


    26. Tristate Route features the DL&W mainline and branches from Hoboken, NJ to eventually Scranton, PA, the Erie Railroad mainline and branches from Port Jervis, NY to Jersey City, and connecting railroad lines during the mid/late 1920s to the early 1950s.

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    An addenda to Tristate, beside the Erie and Lackawanna, it will have the NYS&W in it's entirety including the WB&E, the entire L&HR including track rights to Palmerton, Pa., and the L&NE in it's entirety.

    If I have any neurons left and the TDB permits, the CNJ and LV from Wilkes-Barre to Jersey City, and some of the Staten Island RR, a subsidiary of the B&O.

    Doug Relyea

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    29. Cripple Creek Railroads (Colorado Springs & Cripple Creek District, Midland Terminal, Florence & Cripple Creek), all in one.

    Edit: Will be available Nov. 23, 2015
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    Don Karch Cripple Creek Railroads Route (CS&CCD, MT, F&CC)
    Rollins Pass/Moffat Tunnel Route V5 (Denver to Craig and Glenwood Springs)
    D&RGW Glenwood Spgs-Grand Jct Route and Colorado Joint Line, Denver-Pueblo
    C&S Narrow Gauge South Park Line/Colorado Midland SG/D&RG NG and SG

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    30. Long Island Rail Road ca. 1950. Open Rails only. Pictures of the build at the link in my sig.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dougie1974 View Post
    Not my project but isn't Mullan pass being worked on too, also San Juan and Silverado?
    Comment : It might be preferable, and more productive, to let the Route Builders, themselves, to indicate their commitment to certain Route projects .

    This way , there would fewer mislead expectations, as if a route builder himself would add one, or a few, of his projects to this list, this would imply a commitment from the Route Builder, himself, to either complete / upload it, or perhaps indicate a need to have others to help out, or form a team to deliver the Route .

    This would also avoid a few cases as seen in the past , whereby someone did "announce"/ "make known", they were working on specific Routes, but had to abandon the projects , for whatever reasons , and had some other builders, strictly based on such "announcements" , to decide to skip working on certain projects ( once again, on the basis that "so-and-so" was working on it , etc ...) .

    Great initiative with this list, Jerry ! '-)

    Jean Brisson

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    31. Southern Pacific "Coast Line", LA-SF (in phases and with affiliated branches)
    a. Guadalupe - Watsonville ("Salinas Valley", soon to be released on Elvas Tower)
    b. Watsonville - San Francisco / Oakland (In progress)
    c. Guadalupe - Oxnard (Lower priority due to "redundancy", pends on Salinas re-trunking)
    d. Oxnard - Lancaster - Los Angeles, Commerce, and Dolores Yard (Again, pends on re-trunking and other variables)
    e. Steam era backdating of said route (proposed)

    32. California Northern West Valley Line. Davis - Tehama (Track laid, Scenery, Mosaic, and Roads going in.)

    33. SMART / Northwestern Pacific, Larkspur - Willits and Schellville - Novato

    As part of 31b, Caltrain's San Francisco - Gilroy operation (likely standalone)
    As part of 31c / 31d, 1960s-era Saugus Secondary and Ojai branch. (Also standalone)
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    34. Extension of the NCR route/Northwestern Pacific from Willits to Ukiah (slow progress, maybe 50% complete)
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    35. B&O West End (Grafton to Cumberland) early 1950s. Completed: Digitized, DEM, Photo Terrain. Track 10% (Grafton to Newburg), Scenery 1%. Working at my own pace due to lots of learning during the building process.
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