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    To quote The Beatles, "HELP",

    I recently installed my old railworks 2 ( which obviously updated itself to TS2015) disc onto my new laptop, which is capable of running it. I then invested in my local route (London to Brighton) and everything was still working fine. About 4 days after this, I downloaded a freeware route, and attempted to install it. I opened TS up and the route wasnít all there, so I uninstalled it. Now whenever I go to run a scenario (on any route, with any locomotive), the simulator freezes on the loading screen after about 30 seconds. I have installed everything in the install file under the Railworks folder in SteamApps, and have deleted both my steam and game cache. For the record, I am on Windows 8.



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    Have you BACKED-UP the entire Steam folder before installing this Freeware route ?

    Did you run the Steam TS-2015 Properties Verify Cache to repair your messed up one ?

    Non DTG route and other add-ons may cause problems installed into a TS-2015 that has not unzipped all its AP archives nor all it folders made READ / WRITE !

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