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    Default trainsz simulator 12

    I would like to know what you people think of the above train simulator
    I am seriously thinking of purchasing it.
    I have the old MSTS and TS 2015 but would like some thing new to do.
    Is it any better that the others, more routes similar in operation etc.
    I sure would appreciate all or any of your comments to help me make up my mind weather to buy it or not.

    Thanks for your input.

    William(Bill) Webb

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    It is now cheap enough to buy from the N3V "Planet Auran" on-line shop at AUS $29.90 for the digital download, you might be better off buying it and making your own comparison. There's a vast range of opinions regarding the plus and minus points of the various sims. In terms of operations, to sum it in a nutshell Trainz is particularly suited to free play (most of the time you have to route set for your train as well as drive it), rather than the more structured activities of MSTS or TS2015.

    In terms of appearance, well the graphics engine creaks a bit now (the game core is the same era as MSTS) but where people have used modern assets gives a pleasing if not particularly lifelike appearance.

    There's an all new version of Trainz due out in December (Trainz A New Era aka T:ANE) which promises a reworked graphics engine and many improvements over the current version. You might be better waiting for that, at this stage.

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    Bill --

    I'd go with Vern's advice above. Buy it an try it.

    If you appreciate the graphics in TS2015 then Trainz 12 will certainly disappoint. However (and unlike the DTG offering), there is an obscene amount of high quality freeware content and Trainz can certainly be fun. Particularly popular at the moment is using it as a model railroad simulator, like this (best watched full screen and in HD):

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