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Thread: Article: Installing MSTS In Windows 7 Or Later

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    Quote Originally Posted by ble643 View Post
    When do you think your page will be back online as I am trying to get back into MSTS and need bin.
    Thanks for all your harrd work you share with us.
    It is back at

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    I also have a Windows 7 64-bit system, but I have never ran into any problems re-installing MSTS on it I installed most of my MSTS based on the guide written by Yuri Sos on the Steam4me site which is written clearly and more understandable then what you have posted here, I'm sorry to say

    The only thing that I had to disable completely rather then silencing it (althrough not recommened by Microsoft) was the UAC "User Account Control" because some installers didn't work and my dial-up connection kept on getting deleted even when the UAC was silenced so disabling it was the best option I had

    I also installed my MSTS to the location C:\MSTS\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator rather because I needed some sort of full type path to help me remember how to create installers for my models so I haven't quite installed my MSTS according the the Steam4me tutorial but it still helped me to clearly understand on how to re-install MSTS onto my Windows 7 64-bit machine

    For the full tutorial on the Steam4me site please see here

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    I certainly prefer the Steam4me tutorial and would recommend it to MSTS users.

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    Woah it works on windows 7?

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    How about installing with Windows 8, or for that matter....the 8.1 'update'...?!?

    Also, what about Route_Riter AND apparently an issue with Java Runtime?

    Personally, I still miss Win98....sooooo much more user friendly (((LOL)))

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    I am unable to extract MSTS 2.nrg while MSTS 1.nrg was extracted successfully... What could be the reason..? Please someone help.

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    Should this be put on (X86) or not!

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    I am trying to install Indian Routes and Locos to MSTS referring a lot of Videos posted fro m youtube, but nothing seems to be working as i find that most of the related packages downloaded from trainsim and irfca only end up to be corrupt and useless. Please can you guide me through your knowledge on the installation of custom routes.

    Any help provided will be highly appreciated.

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    After lot of youtubing, I could install the MSTS Train Simulator (which has Europe, USA, Japan routes and the Acela Express, Goldsdorf, Kiha, etc) as default.

    Now I want to install the Indian routes and trains in it. What should I do?

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