There is a script available for Run 8, that has all of the buttons on the Raildriver programmed to work on Run 8, that are not otherwise programmed by Run 8 itself.

After installing this script in Macroworks, I was unable to communicate between the RD and Run 8. In testing to make certain the script was working properly, I used notepad, and hitting various keys on the RD, produced the correct letter in notepad, but the data to Run 8 was blocked for some reason. I tried reinstalling macroworks, redoing the script, and spent hours trying to figure out what was wrong including phone calls to PI Engineering which sells RD and programs Macroworks.

Yesterday, I decided to reinstall Run 8 outside the Programs (x286) directory where it had been installed by default. I made a new directory, C:/Run8 and installed it there. Now all the buttons on the RD worked, so apparently something in Windows 7 is blocking the data from the RD and Macroworks from reaching Run 8 while in the Programs directory. This morning I discovered that I was having the exact same problem with the Push to talk "P" button on the RD, communicating with Teamspeak. I saw that I had Teamspeak installed, not in the Programs (x286) directory, but just in the Program directory. I figured it was worth a try, so I reinstalled Teamspeak in another folder I created C:/Teamspeak and now the push to talk button on the Raildriver work with teamspeak.

I learned my lesson from this, and I will never install a program in the Programs directory again. By the way, I contacted Raildriver this morning by phone and told them all about my solution and they were very surprised.