I've recently been running in Open Rails and have come to notice that there were some issues when it came to running MLT's Rogers Pass. I had originally tried loading up a stock activity with the route (all original MLT equipment from the route) and noticed that when it completed loading the game would completely freeze. I went through some trial-and-error in explore on the route and noticed that if I was using either the default MSTS equipment or SLI equipment in explore I would't have an issue loading the sim, but if I were to use the MLT Rogers Pass equipment in explore the game would freeze trying to load the route. When it freezes I get an error message, which I haven't even begun trying to decipher. I'm hoping one of the developers can give an explanation on it which I can understand, link is below.

I'm not sure if this is a stock issue or just a bug in OR, because the equipment loads up in MSTS perfectly fine. Any info to help find a culprit would be greatly appreciated!


Error message I get: https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.n...d7a198686085d2