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Thread: Worst update ever

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    Yes, they would appreciate RUN-8, which having purchased it when it has been released I did not like, apart from supplying realistic train physics showing nothing much else then.

    Also being a real private pilot, retired, I like flying the realistically functioning MS-FS planes, but without the real world scenery it also supplies it would not have interested me !
    I've flown the Level D Sim made by CAE in Montreal, that cost $25 Million when I flew it. They spent millions on recording data from actual 767-400 flights at Boeing, to program the sim, to make it indistinguishable to the pilot, from the real aircraft. That is what a sim does, not eye candy, not pretty trees and building and flowers, but a realistic simulation of the actual behavior of the vehicle that you are trying to simulate. This is why a pilot can do all his training flights in a sim, take one ride with a check pilot, and the next flight, he has passengers sitting in the seats behind him on a real aircraft. If the sim doesn't exactly mimic the real aircraft, all you have is a $25 million dollar Nintendo game as far as the airlines are concerned.

    As far as PC Railroad sims, Run 8 comes the closest to this goal in my opinion.
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    I thought this was the Railworks forum and this thread was about Railworks but I must be mistaken.
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    Gone way off topic! LOCKED!
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