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Thread: World of Subways Volume 3 - The best train sim ever?

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    Default World of Subways Volume 3 - The best train sim ever?

    I have played a few train simulators in my time but without a shadow of a doubt WOS Volume 3 London Underground Simulator is the best. Not only does it appeal to me and my love affair with the Tube but it is so brilliantly and accuratly detailed and immersive that I cannot think of a better train sim. It does indeed set the bar in my mind but I am really interetsed to know what other people think of this game and if they have played a better one. I would really love to see game-play of these games if possible so if you have some please post so I can see for my self! I want to know if any game can topple this one. If you have not seen game play of this one then there is some available here with a mini reveiw of it as well: . I thouroughly look forward to hearing what games you think can beat it and watching game-play from them if you have some. Thanks!

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    Hey Nerd,

    Well since this forum is deader than a hammer along with WOS in general, ill have no reservations to tell you that your absolutely correct in your assumption that WOS3 might well be the POOP, when it comes to subway tube sims, I mean please what other sim requires you to look back down the line for who looking to catch the sub... Please. The walking back to prep the tail is alittle over the top, hell I thought I was going to have to find the mens room.

    Other than that, its more of a study sim which no one else has offered...just going about your job as a metrorat makes the whole thing worth the trouble. BTW nice Vid Tubenerd...keep it up, your in the right in my Dad said often "Peoples tastes are in their mouth"

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