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Thread: Where and Why?

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    Red face Where and Why?

    Exploring on the PRR Eastern with OR. Has anyone else found her?
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    Not sure where, but it looks like an end of track marker. Maybe there was intended to be an extension to somewhere from there. There were a couple of those out on the line to Pittsburgh before that extension was added.
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    This replica statue is actually located in the Susquehanna River at Dauphin Narrows, and was erected to celebrate the original Statue of Liberty’s centennial in the 1980s. It is in the PRR-ER at that location. As it wasn't there in the era portrayed in the PRR-ER (40s-60s), it is an "Easter Egg", and is on the PRR Williamsport Branch not far from the end of track in the sim (just north of Dauphin PA).

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