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Thread: Routes and consists Problems

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    Default Routes and consists Problems

    So I have been having this problem where I make a Consist and it decides to stay with the route it was made on and not let you use the consist on any other route. It is really annoying when you need to make a new consist for every route you have in your MSTS install (especially when like me you have over 20 :P ). From the instructions I looked over ( the consist should be runnable on any route in the MSTS routes folder. MSTS is installed in the default location for windows xp (What I am running.)

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    Depends on how you have MSTS installed: As MINI Routes or as a single installation?
    If MINI, each MINI install has it's own CONSISTS folder.

    Consists go in a common CONSISTS sub folder of the TRAINS folder and are certainly available to any route in the ROUTES folder of that installation.
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    If you have your consists where Vince mentioned, are you aware that you can use the RE to assign them to any of your "20" routes? (Either as player trains, if built properly, or as AI trains, or static trains)

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