This is a tiny route that I pieced together over the course of a couple-hour windows over two days. This route features only a small portion of the city of Wyandotte, which is located in southeastern Michigan, approximately 11 miles south of Detroit on the parallel CN/NS ex-DT&SL/NYC/DT&I mainlines. It's created exclusively for "railfanning activities," where I sit in a MOW truck that's parked on a short track stub buried beneath the ground and watch AI trains pass by on the mainlines. It's only a bit accurate-the tracks, roads, crossing signals and street furniture are just about correct, but the buildings, although fictional, do represent what Wyandotte looks like in real life.

Here's what I have from the two hours I spent there.

CN C783 was parked the whole time.

NS 61V

CN M371

NS 11J

I hope you enjoyed it.