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    Question Suggestions?

    Hey guys,
    I set up my new website and im running reviews on MSTS, RW and Trainz. Any suggestions for it already have 1 review done check it out here. then click branch line productions.

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    Looks like it's an "At The Rail Yard" wanna' be. Even has a spin on ATRY's "Mainline Productions": "Branchline Productions", as well as using a percentile ranking.

    IF you really want to do reviews, it will be important to chart your own course instead of emulating an established entity.

    I'm not trying to be a smarty pants... but you did ask. I wish you well however/whatever you decide to do with your website.

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    Nothing new to see here.....move along....move along.

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    You need to be objective and unbiased. Don't be afraid to offer valid criticism but be prepared to back it up with facts. Equally don't come over as gushing or a cheerleader/fanboy looking through rose tinted specs and ignoring glaring errors.

    Also in this day and age don't forget many of these products are big business backed by companies with access to expensive lawyers. The chances are good if you post something they regard as untrue or even libellous, at best you will end up being served a "cease and desist" notice, at worst you might be sat in front of the man in a white wig and being instructed to hand over your life savings or sell your house to pay compensation for lost sales. "Sorry, your Honour/M'lud" isn't going to cut it...

    That is one of the reason why I no longer do full product "reviews" at my site but simply focus on reporting what is happening and what's available.
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    You asked for suggestions....

    1) Too many run on sentences
    2) Multiple improper uses of a comma
    3) Incorrect capitalization (it's Mallet, not mallet)
    4) Severe over-use of the phrase "these locomotives" and its derivatives
    5) No mention of the physics or how realistic the controls are

    Overall, I'd give it a C. Try writing it out and then recording it as a podcast, and then listen to it before posting.

    If it sounds uninteresting to listen to, then it's probably just as uninteresting to read.

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    Here's another suggestion....a 6) to go with Eric's suggestions:
    Use a more intelligent title to your post....if you or anyone else ever wants to search back on the contents of this thread, "suggestions" would be the last thing anyone would ever think to key in on in the search.

    These simulator/games have been around long enough, where reviews are old news. I'd wait until the newer platforms come out to really get into the "review" business.
    And yes, Nick's "At The Railyard" is certainly the benchmark to build on, but not necessarily emulate.

    Here at home, in the railroad mayhem capital of the world.

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    Much depends on the standards a person applies in her / his life and the lack of them with many of all ages and sexes is showing in Society these days.

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