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Thread: Article: Aerosoft - City Bus Simulator New York Gold Edition

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    Default Article: Aerosoft - City Bus Simulator New York Gold Edition

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    I have purchased the original game, featuring only the M42 back when I first saw it, and was at first impressed by the graphics, and how real it felt to be driving the bus with the steering wheel I had (still have) for the computer. However, even with settings turned down low, the game kept on crashing on my Sony Vaio laptop computer (i5 M430 @ 2.27 GHz, 4GB RAM, AMD Radeon Mobility HD5650 with 1GB dedicated VRAM, Win7-64b). Researching more info about the problem, I found that many other players on AMD graphics had the same problems, and it was generally concluded the C4 game engine has itīs quirks on AMD graphics in scenery-heavy scenes, especially if lots of extra features are there, too - I only once made it through the campaign / storyline mode, though I needed so many attempts (due to aborts) that I could have done it 10 times).

    The Usedom add-on I bought later, also when I first saw it, improved things a lot. Itīs not as dense scenery wise (more landscape, less buildings, less complex AI) yet it still crashed for me one or the other time.

    Altogether, I found the game well worth the money, especially from a graphics and realism point of view. However, if you have an AMD graphics card, prepare for frequent (M42) or occasional (Usedom) crashes.

    Cheers, Markus

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    I have purchased the original game, for me is very nice.

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