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Thread: CN Metro Detroit (work in progress)

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    Default CN Metro Detroit (work in progress)

    Name of Route: CN Metro Detroit

    Version and Release Date: v0.1, March 14, 2015 (no longer available); v0.2, April 26, 2015

    Description: CN Metro Detroit is mainly centered around Canadian National Railway operations in and around Detroit, Michigan.

    The Holly Subdivision runs 64 miles from Milwaukee Junction near downtown Detroit to the town of Durand, located just southwest of Flint. The former Cass City Subdivision now branches off of the Holly Subdivision at a large classification yard in northwest Pontiac and runs north, east and north again, passing through big-box retail development in northwest Auburn Hills, then turns east into the General Motors Orion Assembly Plant. CN trains no longer service this plant and thus there has been a substantial decrease in traffic. However, it continues to be utilized by the Ringling Brothers/Barnum & Bailey Circus Train annually, as it is the closest railroad track to the Palace of Auburn Hills.

    At Durand, the location of another large classification yard, the line continues on, owned by the Great Lakes Central Railroad, formerly the Tuscola & Saginaw Bay Railway.

    In September 1993, GTW discontinued operations of the Holly Subdivision south of Milwaukee Junction. The portion from there to just north of Wilkins Street is now operated as the Detroit Connecting Railroad, an industrial shortline owned by the Adrian & Blissfield Railroad. The portion south of there was abandoned and most of it has been converted into a pedestrian trail.

    The Flint Subdivision runs from Battle Creek to Port Huron and is part of CN's Chicago-Toronto mainline. Only the portion between Perry and Flint is depicted.

    The Shoreline Subdivision runs from Milwaukee Junction to Toledo, OH. Only the portion from Milwaukee Junction to West Detroit (v0.1)/Trenton (v0.2) is depicted.

    The Mount Clemens Subdivision runs from Milwaukee Junction to Port Huron. Only the portion from Milwaukee Junction to the Clinton River in Mount Clemens is depicted.

    Installation Method: Single zip file, no need to run any installers or batch files.

    Size of Download: 199.77 MB

    Size of Installed Route: 541 MB

    Prototypical or Freelance Operations; Mainline, Branch, Switching: Mostly prototypical, mostly mainline.

    Freight or Passenger: Mainly freight, with three daily Amtrak trains in each direction operating on the Holly Subdivision between Pontiac and Milwaukee Junction and the Shoreline Subdivision between Milwaukee Junction and West Detroit, as well as a single daily Amtrak in each direction on the Flint Subdivision.

    Era or Genre: 2014-present

    Location: Southeastern Michigan

    Length of Mainline:

    Length of Branches:

    Number of Branches:

    Number of Sidings:

    Number of Yards:

    Mixture of Dual and Single Track: Plenty of both

    Level of Trackside Detail:

    Percentage of Scenery Completed: %

    FPS Specs, with qualifiers:

    Activities Provided: 3 in v0.1 (Amtrak #353, Detroit Connecting Switching, CN Q116), 1 in v0.2 (NS 21N)

    Non-Default Consists or Rolling Stock Required in Activities: Yes

    Add-In Track Sets: Scalerail, Scaleroad, Xtracks, Newroads

    Xtracks Required?, Version: Yes, v3.20

    Newroads Required?, Version: Yes, v4.0

    Tsection.dat Build: 41

    Payware or Freeware: Free.

    Known Problems:

    Where it can be downloaded: (v0.2)

    Extra information: This route is still under construction.
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