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    Question Dark Signals

    I recall there was a posting on how to correct "dark signals". It had todo with going in and changing some parameters in the program that you were running. Since I have had to reinstall MSTS I lost the fix. Can anyone point me to the posting that explained how to correct this problem. Thanks in advance.

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    Do you have BIN installed? Did you use the forum SEARCH fuction?
    Searching, using the title of your post brought up the following thread....(along with several others)
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    I had a problem years ago on the Pokey route. Bin is installed. Turned out that I had missed removing the light portion in wag files. Several activities were adding 200-300 hoppers as loose consists. Each wag file had 2 lights, which adds up to 400-600 lights. Add that to the engine light count and the signal light count, and MSTS then begins to darken lights, and I believe signal lights are among the first to go. I remove the light statement from all wags that would not normally have a light. I leave them on MOW equipment and, of course, on carriages and cabooses. Cleared up dark signals, and have never had it on any other route.
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    The problem is kinda re-emerging with these new high detailed payware loco packs, where engines now routinely carry 24-40 light definitions and both AI and Trail (which lessen the light load on units not requiring the full slate) are quietly being dropped. You see this in those train packs and loco packs that aren't built around a specific high detailed route in particular. Rolling stock that comes bundled with a high detailed route sometimes will still get them, if only to minimize support requests while cashing your checks.

    Although, I dont think payware excess is the OP's problem.

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