So at the moment I don't fit the bill. I also can't say too much about this other than it involves trains. It probably isn't that hard to program. There are concepts and program out there very similar to what I want to do, but nobody has done it quite like I invision it. Perhaps not yet. If I can't find someone, I'll likely train myself to get it done hopefully in a few months (again fairly simple but has enough of a demand. It won't appeal to everyone).

The program is not going to be big. It will NOT have a UE world editor, however I'll be open to adapting to others who want to develop add on content. That being said anything that the program has will be totally 100% modable. In other words those who have 3d talent or even want to alter something will have the ability to this.

For confidentiality purposes those with serious inquiries only can contact me at Train-Sim, YouTube private message, or by email (if you have it). I'll post a youtube video expanding more very shortly. This message will be posted at train-sim general section (though I likely will not see any replies only private messages of serious interest). I am open to replies at my Wikia, however I can't get into that much publically as this is so simple I'm surprised someone hasn't thought of it yet.