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    Talking On the Surfline

    Just starting to explore Jeff Farquhar's Surfliner 2, and I have to say I'm amazed at the great work by done him and others who made the route possible. And I haven't even explored the north side yet! First up I decided to do a turn-and-burn on the Coaster. Going north on train 639 and returning to San Diego on 648 after a 15 minute layover in Oceanside.

    More to come!


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    I decided to take on the run of Surfliner 777 next from San Diego all the way up to San Luis Obispo. Breaking it up into two parts, here are some screenshots between San Diego and Los Angeles. I arrived into LAX 3 minutes early and departed on time to head north. More to come from this run soon!


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    Continuing on Surfliner 777 from Los Angeles. Ultimately arriving into San Luis Obispo 30 minutes late after meeting a Baretable train at Lompoc. Enjoy!


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    Another run done with 774 all the way down. Only screenshots from the north side, but after getting up to 15 min late I arrived into LAUPT 5 minutes early and left on time. And making it all the way down to San Diego virtually on time as well. These screens also feature other ops met along the way.

    Meeting the Coast Starlight in Chatsworth

    The Guadalupe Hauler is getting on its way once we pass its location in Van Nuys heading south


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    I bought this a few days ago along with MSTS 2017 Pioneer addition, but the SD and LA routes don't appear in any of the scenario lists. Steam says they're installed. Is there something else I need to buy to run these scenarios?

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