I have a full size replica of an AAR105 locomotive control stand, connected to accurate commercial train software originally developed by P.I. Engineering (Williamston, Michigan). To see a video of the simulator's operation, go to http://youtu.be/K6mkgobkeek.

Because of legal restrictions, I cannot market the software, but it occurred to me that it may be possible to hook up the locomotive control stand to another train simulation program, such as TrainSimulator, Trainz, or Open Rail. I think there is a market for the software/hardware combination to railroad museums, model railroad organizations, and individuals that can afford the cost. I may be able to obtain the rights to replicate the hardware and obtain design specs for both the hardware and the electronics, otherwise some reverse engineering may be required.

I would appreciate all the help or information I can get to find a right partner(s). AAR 105 Control Stand (Compressed).jpg.