Back before the CNJ's Barnegat Branch was cut back to S. Toms River (And then in the 1980's to the Toms River Chemical - Ciba Giegy Spur), there still was a little traffic to Bayville & Forked River. Here we have a late Fall day local heading to NJ Pulverizing w/ empty CH's and Lacey Lumber with a load of pilings & a boxcar of general merchandise in 1969. In a year, Lacey Lumber will get shipments via truck & service south of NJ Pulverizing will cease bringing an end of an era. If you think I have the cars parked a bit to the ROW in South Toms River here, look at the last photo on here. That was back in 1973 during a NJ Pulverizing - Trilco Terminal Drill. Yep, they use to park THAT close to the ROW & many times the train would stop until customers for the Montgomery Ward catalog Store & Arnold Bread Thrift Store would back up their cars. Just classic New Jersey railroading

Route: Blue Comet Route - modified, not complete.
Motive Power & Rolling Stock - BLW/ZT CNJ Set & PRR 1950's Set

Coming across "Jake's Branch" Trestle in S. Toms River

Between a ROW rated for 5 MPH or less & people parking close to the ROW. The local squeaks trying to get by.

It wasn't uncommon for the drill to come to a stop for up to 15 minutes to almost an hour until people moved their cars.

Now with enough clearance, the local starts to cruise at 7 MPH south towards Forked River (Lacey Township). In the distance across the Toms River, the trees are beginning to change.

Approaching Admiral Avenue on the S. Toms River - Beachwood border. With any luck they should make Lacey Lumber in about 1-1/2 hours even though it is only roughly 7 miles away.

Here is an actual photo of a NJ Pulverizing - Trilco Terminal drill circa 1972-73 in South Toms River, NJ. The businesses trackside of Rt. 166 were on the far side of the tracks. Customers use to park close to the ROW because most (More so the summer tourist) thought the tracks were OOS because of their condition. A lot of times to their surprise, they found out they weren't

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