I just now finished making my own solution to the problem, BUT all the instructions I have read say before adding, removing or touching computer parts; turn off the PSU and unplug it!

My concern has always been; if static discharge is a huge problem in handling computer parts, then why disconnect the PSU and the comp case from your ground source?

I used to always use a wrist strap grounding device but I test it before use and when I found it to be defective I through it away.

My new solution is that I got a four foot piece of heavy stranded wire and I put a small battery charger clip on one end and the other end is attached to the ground post in a replacement three prong electrical plug.

Now, I clamp the one end to the case and plug the other end into my power strip or wall outlet and I can still do what the experts say and still feel comfortable that I can touch a real ground before touching my parts ( I mean my computer parts ).

I'm assuming that even though I turn my PSU off that the experts still think that something is still on anyway!

Wild Willy the Wacko