As some may recall. I started the Maine Central Mountain Division route many moons ago. Laid out all the track between Portland, Maine and St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Total of 131 miles. The route originally was created by Stephen Arata and Thomas Mitchell. I took the project on from them, and it ended up dying with me.

I left the project sit and rot for several years, as I burnt myself out on it. However, with the progression of TSRE, moving on from the old MSTS RE, I have tinkered here and there with other routes, just to dabble and learn. I started with the Rumford Branch to mess around with, it's a 45 mile branch line. I only laid 10 miles, just to learn the ins and outs of TSRE.

From there I started tinkering on the Vermont Rail System divisions of GMRC, and the Northern Sub. However, with the HGST dem data, I wasn't happy, so I started poking around. A team member here helped me out with new DEMS that are much more desirable.

A while ago, Sean K, the man that made the wonderful Mullan Pass, was looking at some heavy mountain New England routes. Word was mentioned about the MEC Mountain Division. Him and I got to talking about it, and one thing led to another. Sean was kind enough to provide all new DEMS for me to work with, that greatly show better terrain where I need it, especially the track layouts. This never showed before the the old Mountain Division route. Anyways. So I ended up started fresh on this route, and the extension from Quebec Jct to Beecher Falls, VT will also be included.

This route is going to be based in the 1979-1981 era. Just before Maine Central and Portland Terminal was purchased by the Guilford Transportation Industries. by 1983 the line was abandoned, however the track charts I am working with, that have the correct grade changes, as well as correct curve lengths, is based in the year of 1980, so that is what I am working with.

I am still learning a bit here and there with some stuff, but so far, I have laid out a total of nine miles between Thompsons Point Yard in Portland (Milepost 0) to just about halfway through Windham (Milepost 9). I have made quick stop at Westbrook to finish up the paper mill yards and some of the small customers just on the border of Portland and Westbrook.

For images, here are a few.

Train RY-2 passes the old Thompson Point Yard of the Portland Terminal Company.

This section dips down into a little "swamp" area, but goes back up to almost a 1.5% grade into Westbrook.

RY-2 passing the Blue Rock Quarry. Here the Portland Terminal would drop off ballast hoppers that were used through the Maine Central and Portland Terminal. A little history was, when the home heating coal slowed down to nothing, PTM took their old 70 ton 2 bay coal hoppers, and used them for ballast service. So most likely I will model these soon!

RY-2 passing the local customers just outside of Westbrook. I will look into what use to be here in the 1980's, as today there is only two stub tracks for what appears to be Irving Propane.

The overall look so far. Botton right is Thompsons Point, while the upper left is just about into Windham.

And I discovered by a little research today, on how to get raster images through something other than Google. This will help out greatly while laying out the tracks and the buildings for the Paper Mill. Biggest thing I am thinking is, this paper mill as well as Gilman Paper, and a few other locations, may see custom models.