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Thread: MSTS on Windows 10 - Confirmed

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    This is a problem I had when I first got MSTS (back in 2004). There are a number of versions of the 'train.exe' file, the one I had on a genuine Microsoft install disc was too new! The version you need is dated 11th December 2001 and has a size of 3997 kb. I believe that this is the one in the 'version 1.4' update to the original. If you do not have the correct version, no version of BIN will install.

    I haven't checked, but I believe the update is available from the the steam4me website.
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    I've read most of the posts on the Forum over the past few months and found a lot of pros and cons about operating systems and so I decided to pretend I was back in 2007 when I first purchased MSTS and never had any problems with it.
    Up until a month ago I was using Win 8, then I decided to upgrade to Win 10, that was a mistake, so I returned to Win 8, my PC was getting on in years so I decided it was time for a new PC but I didn't want Win 10. So I bought a new PC using Win 7, 3.1 ghz, 16 gig Ram. Nvidia video card. I also had a CD-DVD player installed so that I could install my Maple Leaf Tracks Routes. I only use this PC for MSTS and FS 2014 only. I do not go on the internet with it. I use my laptop to write to this Forum and to download Routes, Locomotives and Freight cars.
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    Reading this entire thread, [deleted]
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    Fixed your post, PXSE.

    We're supposed to be a friendly community here. That wasn't friendly.
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    Default are very correct sir...I uploaded it from the Ubisoft/MSTS TrainSim CDs...
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